Business & Company Valuations

Most businesses will need to be valued at some time, whether for a business sale, or for taxation reasons. Generally speaking, written reports are required for different purposes, and we are experienced in dealing with valuation negotiations with both the taxation authorities and other commercial organisations.

Valuing a business requires a lot of experience and judgment, and is not just a matter of a simple calculation. Your business will be unique, and whilst comparisons will be drawn to other similar organisations, it will be necessary to identify those factors which make it different, and justify the individual value which it holds.

We provide valuations for many purposes including the following:

  • Partnership or shareholder retirements
  • Business purchases or sales
  • Share valuations for employee share schemes
  • Negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs
  • Inheritance tax valuations
  • Forensic support

It pays to get an accurate valuation and sometimes, a second opinion when a valuation may have already been provided by a third party. Our valuations work always considers the most appropriate basis of valuing a business or its shares (whether price/earnings ratio, asset-based, Net Present Value), and rather than being “theoretical” our valuations approach is informed by our significant experience of real transactions in which businesses have been bought or sold, or negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs concluded.

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