Business Start-Up Advice

Most new businesses begin with an entrepreneur who wants to develop an idea.  Turning this idea into a viable business is where we can help.

A large proportion of our clients came to us when they first started out in business and have grown profitably with the benefit of our support and advice.

As business start-up consultants, we have years of experience in helping new businesses, from individual freelance businesses to large, privately-owned companies.

The team at John Kerr deliver a practical and hands on approach.  While your business is in its start-up phase we can help to:  

Cash Flow & Profit Forecasts

For all but the simplest businesses monitoring your cashflow and forecasting future profitability are fundamental to effective business management. 

We can assist you in preparing cash flow forecasts and cash flow analysis. We can also help you to interpret the results and make recommendations to improve your business.

Cash flow forecasts will also be required by backers and banks to support applications for many types of funding

At our initial, no obligation, first meeting we can discuss the taxation, legal requirements, insurance, financial planning and accountancy issues in respect of setting up your business.

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