Not filed your tax return? The fines in the post

HMRC have today confirmed that 500,000 penalty notices of at least £1,200 are winging their way to UK taxpayers. These are being applied to taxpayers who have not yet filed their 2011 tax returns which were due on 31 January 2012.

The minimum fine of £1200 consists of two elements: daily penalties which run at £10 a day from three months after the deadline, ie from 1 May 2012, and are capped at £900; plus 5pc of the tax due, with a minimum of £300.

HMRC says that roughtly 6pc of people who are required to file a tax return have not yet done so and will face the fines.

People who receive a late filing penalty can appeal against it if they have a “reasonable” excuse for not sending their tax return, such as a family illness or bereavement.  Contact us  for assistance in bringing your tax affairs up to date and, if appropriate with an appeal against the fines imposed.